Windows Development for $2.30/day

On anything but a PC (Chromebook, Mac, whatever....)

I don't have a windows box (some may say I am not the biggest Microsoft fan) but I recently needed to troubleshoot a ASP issue (go figure). And even though Macs are the best PCs,

MacBook Pro declared 'best-performing' Windows laptop

the thought of dual booting for windows just makes me not want to dev at all.

Secretly, I've wanted to play with Azure but M$ is known for costing out the nose and being mostly anti-microsoft I just didn't know where to start. I needed a way to dev in a windows env without running windooze....

First attempt:

modern ie + VirtualBox

Plagued with Guest Addition, battery draining and disk eating woes, this works, in a pinch but IMO not the best for long term dev.


  • Save machine state with snapshots
  • Destroy and Up with Vagrant


  • Windows
  • Resource hog
  • Guest Additions

Second attempt:

"If only I could get an affordable 'Linode-like' solution for windows..."

How it started:

I swapped my MacBook for an iPad+Linode

iPad + Linode, 1 Year Later

I had set up a linode VPS and loved developing from a Chromebook so thought I would see if I could replicate this for a windows env.

see earlier article: Azure, Visual Studio, ASP.NET MVC 5 Entity Framework!!!


So how $2.30?

$193.44 is 24/7 for a month. So lets work backwards:

($193/mo) x (4 weeks/mo) x (7 days/week) x (24hrs/day) ~= $0.2872 per hr

Rough estimates:

~=$2.297 : Day   

~=$11.48 : Week  

~=$45.94 : Month 

~=$551.28 : Year

Now I can start up the Azure VM from any device anywhere, develop from a laptop, tablet or, if daring, smart phone.

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