Getting Started With YouTube
(180 min and counting)


Blogs, technical write-ups, talks ... check, check and check.

And now YouTube... CHECK!

This is the HowTo I never found

I have put off doing technical video ... until now. So, last night about 8pm I decided I was going to put up a video and go through the process by midnight.


  • Pro audio quality
  • Basic editing
  • YouTube
  • < 3 hours (180 min)

Only problem, I have never done a YouTube video. Here is what I learned and steps I took.

What I used:

Getting pro audio quality

After struggling with mics in the past (and subsequently spending hours on youtube mic reviews), I knew the yeti had a cult like following and therefore should be easy to find info on getting levels set up.

~ 20:30

So, to Best Buy I went.

~ 21:00 (T-180 min)

With the Blue Yeti in hand, we turn to YouTube (how do I use this thing?).

Of coarse unboxing a new toy I had to play with all the buttons but after pushing all the buttons, setting up the Blue Yeti couldn't have been easier. Settling on the cardioid setting, I found the best arrangement (so far) is having the mic at a 45 and turned to the left.


Almost talking past the mic minimized distortion and provided the best sound whether talking loudly or whispering. The Yeti has a headphone jack and independant volume for monitoring. This is great to get inital levels set.

~ 21:45 (T-135 min)

After relizing I spent ~45 min playing with buttons, mic angles, and listening to clips of ramblings, its time to review the YouTube video and get back on track.

Audio w/ OBS

Let's get OBS installed

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:obsproject/obs-studio
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install obs-studio -y

< OBS Yeti filters >

Screen Recording w/ OBS

~ 22:00 (T-120 min)

Now that the yeti is set up, lets figure out how to actually make the screen recordings.

Thanks to Barnacules I not only can record a screen cast but now can live stream and create the dual recording conference look. This will come in handy!


~ 22:30 (T-90 min)

Editing out mistakes w/ kdenlive

With a couple more recordings of ramblings (this time with audio and video), it's time for some editing. Back to YouTube!!!

$ sudo apt-get install kdenlive -y

This step was a bit tricky and took the longest to gain traction. I was really holding out in hopes to find a completely open source workflow but with all the final cut pro reviews, I almost, almost downloaded the trial. But, in the end my frustration was more likely due to sleep depervation and user error than quality / features of kdenlive. Defianetly looking forward to editing with kdenlive and sharing tips and tricks!


~ 23:20 (T-40 min)

Final edits and export

Ok, lets recap. On a whim, I drove to Best Buy, picked up a Yeti and followed some YouTube videos. Thus far we have high quality audio, some sample screen recording and even basic editing. With T-40 min I don't yet have a video on YouTube. Using kdenlive, I was able to edit a 5 min ramble into a 1 min coherrant take. Now to export and upload.

Final edits and export

Whats next?

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