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Getting started

So you wanna learn to code... but where to start?

This is a big topic. If javascript (JS) is where you wanna be I would checkout ember.js! The community, the resources and the framework make it easier for beginners to get things done. To see what I mean, watch @ladyleet's video and then read through her write up.

I would suggest getting a base before jumping into ember, like ladyleet did with her 2 week HTML/CSS/JS training, head over to freecodecamp to start you bootcamp! Don't worry about mastering ember (or anything just yet), as you work through the challenges you will get a feel for what's your niche.

From 0 to Ember


From 0 to Ember from Global Ember Meetup on Vimeo.


How to set up a Basic Ember.js app


If your following along with the blog... consider using ember Twiddle:


Free code camp is probably my favorite thing on the internet! Click this link to get started with HTML, CSS, JS etc... freecodecamp

Getting stuck on a challenge? Here is a link to my solutions.... but shh, you didn't get this from me. ;)

freecodecamp ( joshmccall221 )


Ready for more and need more suggestions? Have a resource that should be listed here? Leave a comment below or reach out to @joshmccall!

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