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Why wait?

How to Teach Yourself Code

"Stop waiting for the perfect technical co-founder and actually learn to code"


Getting started

Free Code Camp

So you wanna learn to code... but where to start?

This is a big topic. If javascript (JS) is where you wanna be I would checkout Free Code Camp(FCC). Free code camp is probably my favorite thing on the internet!

Getting stuck on a challenge? Here is a link to my solutions.... but shh, you didn't get this from me. ;)

freecodecamp ( joshmccall221 )

Whats next?


Got the basics covered? Ready to level up to app development? Check out ember.js! The community, the resources and the framework make it easier for beginners to get things done. To see what I mean, check out @ladyleet's write up.

How to set up a Basic Ember.js app

See: How to set up a Basic Ember.js app

note: if you're new/haven't set up your machine for develpment, see below section on Tools.


If your following along with the blog... consider using ember Twiddle:

Ember Super-Rentals

Ready for the next step? Follow the supper-rentals tutorial, you'll have an app running in no time!

See: Super-Rentals

But what about mobile?

Building Performant Hybrid Apps with Ember


I would recomend Ember for new devs since it has most of the kinks for starting a new project already worked out. However, if you are striving for RDD (Resume Driven Development) and are convinced React is what the cool kids are up to, I highly recomend diving into and learning how all the moving parts work. For this, I have not come accross a better resource than the following:

Cory House: Building a JavaScript Development Environment

Cory House walks you through the buzzwords and also the decision process of deciding which buzzwords are important / valuable. In the end you will know every moving part of a TDD, React, Redux environment. #rockStar!!!

React + Corber

Github: React Sling Shot +

Whether it's Emberjs, React, Vuejs... I want to tackle as much ground as possible. This project shows how to integrate your shiny new react dev environment into a project to target web as well as native/hybrid apps!!!

Even more?

You're approaching rock star status!!! Whether your new to dev or a seasoned pro, this book should be on your reading list!


Covers everything (literally!), but not in a boring "text-book-you-to-sleep" kinda way. If you're not a CS grad, you will be able to understand what the CS grads are talking about. If you are a CS grad, you will be able to understand what you are talking about! ;-)


Ready for more and need more suggestions? Have a resource that should be listed here? Leave a comment below or reach out to @joshmccall!

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