Tts Audiobook

A practical intelligence amplification hack that really works


Listening to drm ebooks with tts on my phone.

I am a big fan of Moon+ Reader.


Install Kindle and Calibre

kindle v1.20

calibre v3.7

brew cask install kindle calibre


Download and Install DeDRM plugin tools

  • calibre -> Preferences -> Change calibre behavior (CMD-P)
  • Plugins -> Load plugin from file -> DeDRM_tools/DeDRM_calibre_plugin/


KFX support

Amazon's new format throws a wrench into things. Before you download your books in the kindle app, run this:


chmod -x /Applications/

Download the books in the kindle app

  • Kindle -> Preferences... (cmd-,) -> Content Folder
    • Set this to somewhere easy to get to
  • right click book in library -> download


Add book to Calibre

  • Calibre -> Add books (A)
    • Find kindle book we just downloaded


Thats it folks!!!

Now you can read your book in any reader you choose!

Moon+ Reader

Moon+ Reader has an impressive number of features and has encouraged me to read more!

To get your book from Calibre on your computer to your phone follow these steps:

  • Calibre -> Connect/Share -> Start Content server calibre-connect-share
  • On your phone, visit the url given.
  • Download the book and open with Calibre!

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