Chomeos Crouton Chrx

Chromebooks / ChromeOS is the bomb! My daily driver and what I do all my development on currently!


Here is a couple of tips/tricks to get you going:


Screw something up? Need a fresh start?

From login screen: Ctrl + Shift + R

note: may have to do this twice because of reasons....

Development Mode

From login screen: esc + [refesh(F3 on my model)] + Power

When machine reboots, press space to toggle development mode!


If you like chromeOS but want to do "Dev-y" things but don't want to deal with drivers:

crouton: wiki crouton: wiki: Auto-Installer-via-Bash-(Perfect-Ubuntu-for-Installation-for-Programmers!!!))

Pro Tip

To get to shell:

Ctrl + Alt + T crosh: shell

Starting Crouton

crouton will create some start scripts for you:

chronos@localhost / $ start
startcode            starti3              startxfce4
startcli             startgnome           startidea            startxiwi

They are found here:

chronos@localhost / $ which startcode

I made the startcode and it looks like:

chronos@localhost / $ cat $(which startcode)
sudo startxiwi -T code

Running startcode:

chronos@localhost / $ startcode

Gives you: startcode

This forwards your xsession using crouton integration extension to display your GUI IDE in a tab. Toggle fullscreen to hide the url or launch in window mode:

chronos@localhost / $ cat $(which startcode)
sudo startxiwi code

Personally I love the tabbed workflow of having three tabs: docs/jira ticket, ide, localhost.


Want more of a linux feel while still being able to use ChromeOS without a reboot:


My setup: chrxSetup

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